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Airports can benefit enormously from technology nowadays, giving back the power of decision to their passengers.  What is the best strategy to implement technologies at airports ?


In today’s fast paced business environment, there is often more value in engaging external expertise in order to get sound results on new subjects. Where to go ?


PeC Consult is an industry specific consultancy practice focused on providing advice at the crossroads of technology and business.

In order to provide the right level of expertise, PeC Consult relies on a network of consultants with appropriate sector expertise for Air Transport and Retail. The relevant specialisms of technology and business round up the set of areas of expertise.


Operational and strategic.

Short and long term.

Commercial vs. Technology vs. Sector

Project oriented vs. Ongoing


Bid preparation and support

Technology Audits

Due Diligences

Market outlooks


Sales Strategy

Business Development

Account Management

Joint Ventures


Our approach

Consulting assignments depend largely on the scope of the task at hand.

An assignment may be a very specific and short duration exercise with the objective of delivering a specific or a particular piece of advice.

An assignment may also be a significant business challenge that requires dedicated efforts over an extended period of time in order to achieve the desired business turnaround.

PeC Consult takes the best of both worlds and crafts the consulting involvements based on experience and the client’s requirements in order to get successful results.




Wholesome approach by looking at technology, financials and staff. Launching a bid process and getting the best of results as an organisation in the very short tender process requires knowledgeable expertise in order to get the best results. On the other side of the range, putting together a tender out for suppliers to bid, may absorb considerable internal resources. We bring the appropriate level of skills and bandwidth to master this task.


We take a 360 degree approach at the complexities of business transfer by looking at technology, staff and financials and considering the legal framework. The implications of European Union Business Transfers Directive or TUPE can have a large impact on your business case. Based on extensive experience in this field, PeC Consult can assist you during this process.


Evaluating your next technology iteration, and selecting the appropriate technology vendor can become a consuming exercise that absorbs energy from your Procurement and Technology departments. PeC Consult provides assistance during this process based on extensive experience in this field.


Business turnarounds can be achieved based on careful assessment of the current situation, evaluating the possible avenues of action, defining realistic objectives and executing the strategy consistently. Carefully coordinated efforts from within the client’s organisation with external suppot will help obtain the best results.


Today’s state of the art

… in passenger automation technologies and overall availability of mobility provide several options to raise the profile of airports more than ever. Innovation is providing opportunities to improve dramatically quality of services and allowing airports to raise their profiles.

With systems specific expertise on airport technologies, PeC Consult provides support on appraising and introducing new technologies.








… particularly disruptive innovation is revolutionizing business in various industries nowadays by using technology. The question being how to start and what to do.

Looking at overall market and technology trends, PeC Consult helps you identify where to focus on your innovation activities in order to bring your business forward. Digital is transforming the way of doing business. We bring in the expertise to get more value out of new technologies for your business.






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About Us

Pedro Carrasco founded PeC Consult, a consultancy practice on business and technology, in 2015. With over 25 years of experience of bringing technology and business together he has formed a network of highly specialized professionals in the fields of Travel, Air Transport and Retail.

Carrasco led the NCR’s Travel division in Europe, the Middle East and Asia being instrumental to developing new markets and expanding the solutions portfolio from Airports to Airlines to Hotels to Car Rental, as well as Transport.

Prior to this he served 14 years with SITA, where he played a number of senior business roles related to developing new markets, particularly the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia initially. In a subsequent role as General Manager and Managing Director of a joint venture with a German airport, Carrasco provided leadership and was key for the related business turnaround and improvement of the associated IT services. Banking on his experience on large deals in the airport industry, Carrasco provided in his most recent role as Director of Business Development, direction for new ventures and large deals in the European and US markets and was responsible for the development of strategic partnerships with business partners in the Aviation industry.

Carrasco holds a Certificate in Business Administration from the University of Ottawa and a BS in Accounting from Universidad Católica Santa María.

Pedro Carrasco

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